Kruger offers you a variety of options for panoramic views and close range encounters with the wild. Your visit to the Kruger National Park promises you a wild experience you can never have anywhere else. In fact, Kruger's delights cannot be exhausted in one vacation trip.

You will need to develop a meticulous tour plan to really savor the best that Kruger has to offer. The park extends along the boundaries of Zimbabwe and South Africa. It is home to thousands of species of birds and large mammals. Notable among the larger mammals are lions and elephants which roam the wild with undisturbed demeanor.


On Safari With Amanda

20 March 2018

Today we leave Skukuza for the south of the park staying at Berg en dal camp for 2 nights. A lovely part of the park close to malelane gate.Today we leave Skukuza for the south of the park staying at Berg en dal camp for 2 nights. A lovely part of the park close to malelane gate.

We drove down the H3 and after 12kms we literally bumped into a male lion 2 meters from the road! He is the nomadic renosterkoppie male and frequents the area.

Not more than 3kms from the male lion we came across at least 6 female lions lying in the grass...beautiful! 

We arrived at afsaal for some much needed coffee and food!

Setting off to camp I took the S110 a lovely dirt road as we turned to go to matjulu waterhole we spotted giraffe just standing and staring as we looked closer we spotted a male lion lying on the rocks! There was another male but he was quite well hidden. 

A great day and my guests are on a sundowner drive this evening let's hope they find some nice nocturnal animals!

21 March 2018

We departed from camp this morning at 5:30, it was lovely and overcast as we set off.

My guests had a great sundowner drive yesterday where they found 2 male lions, a pack of wild dogs and a pangolin! Incredible!  

After driving for about 5mins we came across a pack of wild dogs busy looking for some breakfast we followed them for a while and then they raced off after obviously spotting something. 

A movement in the bush caught my eye and there running around were 3 side striped jackal pups! Very cute to watch and just as we set off a honey badger crossed the road.. what an amazing 5kms!

The rest of the drive was all about the rhinos and we saw plenty including a black rhino.

Heading back to camp for breakfast as the temperature was starting to rise and we get ready for our afternoon drive.

The clouds and the humidity were building up as we headed out for a short afternoon drive. We'd had an amazing morning drive so the afternoon was a nice relaxing scenic drive.

A big bull elephant munching away in front of us and a giraffe crossing the road ahead made even more impressive by the black clouds and lightning behind him.
As we headed back to camp we watched 2 rhinos grazing before they headed off to the waterhole. 

Back at camp we sat and chilled before supper, as I watched over the dam I saw a male impala running for his life closely followed by a lone wild dog. We lost visual for a minute but it then became clear that the wild dog had got the impala, the cries lasted for only a minute as we watched the wild dog eat quickly as he was alone. 

After finishing what he could we saw him speeding off into the darkness. An amazing and once in a lifetime sighting.

25 March 2018

Yesterday I collected a mother and her 2 sons from Norway at Eastgate airport in Hoedspruit about and hour or so from Phalaborwa where we are spending the next 3 nights. 

This morning we collected our breakfast packs and headed into the park at Phalaborwa gate.

This area is full of Mopani trees which you don't get in the south. We saw some lovely impalas and further on we spotted a huge bull elephant we watched as he crossed the road in front of us. The elephants somehow seem much bigger in the north! As we drove we had a very quick visual of a leopard crossing the road even though it was a quick visual still very nice to see.

Zebras along the way as we pulled into Letaba camp for our coffee stop. My guests visited the elephant museum, home to the magnificent 7 tuskers that roamed the area. 

Heading back to camp we saw lots more impala and zebras as the temperature was rising.

Back at the lodge my guests grabbed some lunch before heading out on a sundowner drive later this afternoon.

4 April 2018

Today I collected our competition winners at Phalaborwa airport for their 5 night safari. We'll be heading up to the northern region as far as shingwedzi camp. A most beautiful camp based on the banks of the shingwedzi river, in 2013 it burst it's banks and the camp had to be evacuated and some of the houses rebuilt. There's lots of general game along the river and some impressive fig trees and nyla trees providing perfect hiding places for leopards. In the early 90's a security guide was attacked by a leopard that had got into his window, luckily security is the highest standard here now. 

We encountered some magnificent elephants and a pair of eland our largest antelope and very impressive to see. 

Zebras crossing the road and then a quick turn along the river and 2 baby giraffes with a female and a huge bull.

Checking in at shingwedzi we sat and looked out over the river whilst having our supper, probably one of the most peaceful of places. 

Tomorrow is an early start as we head off to bed.

5 April 2018

As it's April the gates now open at 6 am so we left camp and crossed the bridge and saw the most amazing mistaking you're in Africa! We took a look along the river and came across an army of matabele ants ready to attack the termites, they raid the mound taking as many as they can.. sometimes you see flies hanging around them, robber flies, they steal the termites from the ants!

Lovely Elephants and gracious giraffes along the way. Some vervet monkeys were seriously alarm calling opposite the road, a leopard was very well hidden walking away from them. Very difficult to spot.. still a leopard! 

We decided to go to punda Maria for breakfast an absolutely stunning camp with the original huts.

The temperature was heating up as we drove back to camp.

After a siesta we set off for kaanidood dam about 3kms from camp we saw that a young female leopard had killed a young Waterbuck not more than 2 meters from the road! My guests are on a night drive so hopefully she's still there.

6 April 2018

Today was our last day at shingwedzi camp. My guests did a night drive to see if they could see the leopard again, what they found was the Waterbuck wedged in a tree and at the Base of the tree were lots of huge crocodiles that had smelt the blood.. it's amazing how the cats have so many competitors for their food and that they are actually successful! No sign of the leopard though.

We left a little bit later as it was raining and we were ready to go as soon as it stopped. We drove the back gate out of camp a nice drive along the shingwedzi river. Lots of zebras and far in the distance we heard a lion calling. 

On one of the loops we came across a dead hyena it looked pretty young, a tawny eagle and a juvenile bataluer were busy eating it...not for long though as the whole clan of hyenas chased them away! The hyenas eventually crossed the river out of sight.

After breakfast we headed to red rocks a beautiful part of the north, truly spectacular. My guests enjoyed the scenery. 

We set off after a leg stretch to our next camp Mopani high on a hill a stunning camp. 

Once at camp we decided to chill and do some bird watching and also watch the adorable dwarf mongoose playing and foraging for food.

A lovely drive today

On Safari With Gert

24 March 2018

We started a new Safari this afternoon with a group of 4 friends from the US. We started a new Safari this afternoon with a group of 4 friends from the US. 
We had a good afternoon drive through the Park, starting with a small breeding herd of Elephant at a waterhole where they came for a drink and to cool down. Most of them, but 1 or 2 of the old females, got right into the water for a splash and to play in the water, the perfect way to cool down during a hot afternoon. 
A little later, we got quite lucky - upon rounding a bend we found 3 White Rhino just as they were crossing the road , with one still leisurely grazing next to the road and eventually crossing right in front of us - a brilliant sighting!

25 March 2018

This morning was a good one for predators before it got too hot. First up we had a clan of Spotted Hyena - 3 cubs of about 5 months, one of just under a year and 2 adult females - next to the road outside of their den. They had just killed a Grey Duiker and between the 6 of them were all competing for a few bites of the small antelope, providing us with a great sighting!

We were quite lucky in finding a pride of Lion, including several cubs of different ages. The cubs were well hidden in the grass together with the majority of the pride. One male and female gave us the best views as they moved around quite a bit, the male following the Lioness everywhere she went, trying to keep her away from the rest of the pride as he was courting her for mating, however she was playing hard to get for now. Eventually they all seemed to get comfortable in the shade, but a great sighting!

26 March 2018

We set out early this morning in cool and cloudy conditions - a welcome change from yesterday's very hot afternoon. Amazingly, regardless of the heat we still had some great sightings, most notably a solitary Cheetah that was lying in the shade of a tree in an open area, scanning the surrounding plains for threats and potential targets!

In the morning we were extremely lucky in that we came across a sighting of 5 African Wild Dog. Initially they were some distance away and quite well hidden in the grass, so we could almost just see the movement. However, they decided to come out and into the road as they were most likely on the prowl and often use the road for ease of movement - especially long distance. Hence we got to see them very well as we followed them down the road before they changed course again and veered off into the grass and eventually out of sight - a great sighting!We then stopped at a waterhole and surprisingly there was a Leopard sleeping on the bank, fairly distant but open. At this stage there was a cold breeze blowing which prompted the leopard to look for more cover and it eventually got up, stretched and walked along the bank to a thicket further back, where it found some good shelter. 

At the same waterhole there were also a large number of Hippo in the water with some of the youngsters being quite playful and creating a bit of a stir in the water! A great stop to finish off the Safari on a high note!

6 April 2018

We started a new Safari today with 2 guests from the US. After lunch and check in, we went on a late afternoon drive, which started off very hot, but got interrupted by a quick but heavy shower, just enough to cool things down a bit!

We had quite an interesting sighting of a snake trying to catch a large Flap-necked Chameleon - slightly hidden in the grass, so we couldn't see all the action or ID the snake - however it appeared to be a bit optimistic as it was certainly struggling to subdue the Chameleon. It eventually gave up and left the Chameleon just as the venom took effect, so we ended up with a dead chameleon and no snake; hopefully to return later and claim the prize..!

We then stopped at a large Waterhole, where we found 3 Hippo in the water, 2 quite active, playing in the water and giving us a few yawns. There was also a large herd of Waterbuck with several very inquisitive young calves, making for a very nice sighting! We also got a glimpse of a Crocodile, mostly the head out of the water. 

The drive was capped by a spectacular sunset!

7 April 2018

We left camp after an early breakfast and had a fairly quiet first hour or so. 

Our first sighting of the day was a very large and relaxed bull Elephant and big tusker feeding close by and offering some great views!

We then passed a Spotted Hyena den with a youngster lying by the den entrance and another adult female on the move close by. 

We got quite lucky later on when we found a small pack of African Wild Dog lounging in some shady cover and managed to get a good view when some of them got up to move into a closer shady spot, always a bonus to find as these are some of Africa's most endangered carnivores.

As the day warmed up, we got lucky again, finding a large bull White Rhino grazing nearby and ultimately crossing the road right in front of us!

As if that wasn't enough, we also had a Leopard sighting - although fairly distant - lounging on the thick bottom branch of a large Marula tree scanning its surroundings!

 All in all a very successful day on Safari!

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